Saturday, 21 January 2012

Auschwitz 1: Miscellaneous

Block 26 (left) where prisoners' belongings were stored

One of two concrete road rollers in-front of Block 18

Gallows in-front of camp kitchen

Gallows from the other-side, Block 17 left, Block 18 in the centre with concrete road rollers in front of it

Cartoons near the main gate

SS camp head quarters "Kommandantur" means command/headquarters

SS camp headquarters

 Hut into which I saw a cat scamper when he spotted me, in the
eastern corner of the camp, behind it is the commandant's house

Camp kitchens (left) Block 25 (centre), and the administration building (right) where prisoners
were registered  and where delousing with Zyklon B of prisoners' clothes and bedding happened. 

Sign on one of the blocks

Camp kitchen

Rear of registration building, with camp kitchen on the left

Registration building and camp kitchen on left

Sign at entrance to the car-park

Bus stop immediately outside the car park

Icicles on the registration building 

Birch Ally at rear of the camp with swimming pool on the right

Barn with huge doors, north-west of the gas chamber

Inside that barn

Garages west of the gas chamber

SS hospital/restaurant with drunken man signs over some of the doors

Train tracks running adjacent to the camp, museum car-park is on the right, on the other-side of the road

Coaches in front of the visitor centre

Prisoner wood-workshop, immediately on the right (out of shot) is the gas chamber

Shed attached to the camp kitchen

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