Sunday, 22 January 2012

Auschwitz 2: Krema 2

Krema 2 was supposedly one of the two huge gas chambers/crematoria at Auschwitz-Birkenau,
apparently 0.5m people were gassed in this building

The candle has  "Auschwitz"  embossed upon it 

Location of Krema 2 at Auschwitz-Birkenau

How Krema 2 looked whilst it was gassing two million, five hundred thousand Jews.
Leichenkeller 2 (Leichenkeller means corpse cellar) "the undressing room" (left) Leichenkeller 1 "the gas chamber" (right)

Leichenkeller 2, "the undressing room"

Model of Jews being herded into Krema 2's Leichenkeller 2  "the undressing room"  

Leichenkeller 2, "the undressing room"

Model of Jews undressing in Krema 2's  Leichenkeller 2, "the undressing room"  

Leichenkeller 1, supposedly "the gas chamber" but actually an autopsy room and office

Model of Jews dying in Krema 2's  Leichenkeller 1, "the gas chamber", but where the Germans actually performed autopsies, kept files, books, writing materials, and prepared specimens for work with microscopes

Leichenkeller 2, "the undressing room"


  1. That is location of Krema 3, not Krema 2, indicated in the Google map, I suspect. The same about Krema 3 location, which is really Krema 2.