Saturday, 21 January 2012

Auschwitz 1: Block 11

Block 11, the Auschwitz prison and where the first gassings occurred.
Next to Block 10, with the enclosed yard, including the Wall of Death

Room where trials were held

Room where corpses were found after liberation

Prisoner bunks

"The washroom where women stripped before execution
then they were led in twos to yard and shot at the death wall"

Cartoon of the Wall of Death

Cartoon of nubile women

Cartoon of prisoners pulling cart full of corpses and the
gas chamber/crematory chimney working overtime

Cartoon of German fiendishness

Map of the basement of Block 11

Photo of part of the basement, steps must lead into
the enclosed prisoner yard between Block 10 & 11 

Sign about the first gassing at Auschwitz

Peep hole on cell door

Cell doors

Sign about the standing cells

The standing cells

Cell where Saint Kolbe died 

Corridor in the centre of the basement, the doorways on the sides lead
to parallel, but shorter corridors with doors to the individual cells

Bench for whipping prisoners

Cartoon of inspection

Cartoons of prisoners playing music

Guide to armbands

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  1. That was a wretched hell but now those damn cowards are burning in hell!!!