Saturday, 21 January 2012

Auschwitz 1: Fences and Guard-towers

At least one captured Nazi document confirms the fences surrounding the Auschwitz 1 camp were electrified.

A sign painted on wooden boards, very well preserved, considering it's supposed to be 70 years old 

The rear wall of the camp, as photographed from outside the Commandant's house

Another remarkably well preserved 70 year old sign next to Block 11,
looking far better than it did when photographed in 1998

Exterior wall of camp, just to the left (out of shot) is a busy road

Photo taken by holding camera over exterior wall. On the left is the camp
registration building, on the right is Block 28 (nearest), Block 27, Block 26
(without roof), Block 25, the camp kitchen, and then Block 24  

Photo taken by holding camera over exterior wall, on the left is Block 28
and on the right, towards the rear of the photo, is the camp theatre 

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